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Refurbished F2S

A little update, I sent my F2S to Sover Wong for checking and in his view, it had already been opened and repaired in the past and not up to standard. There was also so much fungus growing in the body that a replacement body would be a cheaper option to servicing it. This is a common issue with older cameras kept in humid climates (e.g. Japan).

So, I went with the replacement body option and now have a cleaned, calibrated and tested F2 body. The prism was also cleaned and recalibrated at the same time. All in all happy with the service and it was a fast turnaround for it.

Sover Wong F2 repair

Have fun

Photography – Out with the old – in with the Older

After deciding to get back into ‘real’ aka ‘film’ photography I went to dust off my trusty Nikon FM2 35mm film camera. Alas, seems that the camera has decided only to wind on randomly now and again. It was working fine when it I put away some years ago, so it’s probably dried up bearings or something.

Years before, back when I was a teen and had hair, I worked as a copy-negger for a London studio. At the time the Nikon F2 had come out and was the de-facto standard for professional photographers and I have always desired one of them.

Enter Ebay! Found an F2S from 1972 that was ‘working except for the meter which is probably only a broken wire’ but the meter was ‘working on another body’ and put a bid on as it was cheap as chips. Then I found out how much it would cost to repair said ‘broken wire’ assuming it was that. The dirty prism was only dust on the mirror, easily cleaned, and the non-working meter just needed new batteries and a squirt of switch cleaner on the contacts. The two top LEDs are a bit dim so probably need replacing.

While waiting for that to be mailed, I saw another F2 (same year). An F2A with DP-11 ‘working’. I put a bid on that, and so ended up with two F2 bodies with the meter heads. This meter was not working every time though. The cause is probably a corroded switch in the winder, as it did work when I put new batteries into it but when the shutter fired it switched off and stayed off. Flicking the wind on/off a few times got the meter on again.

Both bodies and heads will be sent off for new light seals and a thorough clean and adjustment to Sover Wong when I get around to it.

Will post about my first test film later…