Scam and phishing emails

I have noticed the number of scam emails offering me money (usually tens of thousands of USD$) has increased dramatically during the last week. I am not sure if that is because I restarted this website but I must be on some new mailing list. I think as a service to all I am going to publish the scams and phishing attempts in this category.

Phishing attempts, for those not au-fait with the term, is where an individual attempts to get your bank, credit card or other personal details by subterfuge. Often the perpetrator will appear to be a foreign national or official in a high government office that needs your help, because ‘God’ told them you would help by answering their prayers, in disposing of several hundred thousand quid.

So, to show how similar they are and warn you of them, I’m going to post them all here. They are all fake, some are quite funny and inventive though. Do not reply to any of these kind of emails unless you want to empty your bank account or have your email account hijacked for their pleasure.

On a side note, I have started to play a game with them by forwarding their emails to each other, hopefully they will be able to assist each other as ‘God’ intended them to.